It might be interesting here to give some particulars of the official bonds given by our first county officers, which is obtained from the records in the Executive Department at Atlanta:

John C. Kirkland, who was elected clerk of the Superior Court, gave his bond dated June 24th, 1850, with Jonathan Knight and David J. Sirmans as securities; amount $3,000. His bond as clerk of the Inferior Court was given at the same time for $2,000, with Cornelius Joyce, Ezekiel J. Sirmans and Jacob Lightsey as securities.

Benjamin Cornelius did not qualify as tax receiver in 1850, owing to the fact that he was elected in 1849 as tax receiver of Ware County for two years. However, in 1851, he was re-elected and qualified, and his bond, dated February 17th, 1851, was given for $2,000, with David J. Sirmans, James W. Staten and Jonathan Knight as securities.

Ezekiel J. Sirmans did not qualify as tax collector in 1850 for the same reason as Mr. Cornelius, having been elected the year before to the same office in Ware County. Being re-elected in 1851, he gave bond, dated February 17th, 1851, for $2,000, with David J. Sirmans, Josiah Sirmans and James W. Staten as securities.

David J. Blackburn, who was re-elected surveyor in 1851, gave bond dated March 3rd, 1851, for $3,000, with James Lee and William Hughes as securities.

John Mathis, who was elected coroner in 1851, gave bond dated February 17th, 1851, for $500, with James W. Staten and Jonathan Knight as securities.

Source: History of Clinch County Georgia, Compiled and Edited by Folks Huxford, The J. W. Burke Company, Macon, Georgia, 1916


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